Sunday, November 30, 2008

Buying Guide For Xbox 360

This month, I am writing an article on buying one of the most powerful and extreme gaming console present on the planet Earth right now. It is one the nex-gen consoles because of all power, graphics and the game play it possess. It is not only a gaming platform but also a Multimedia entertainment center having the capability of watching online streamed videos and storing your picture as well as music in the local hard drive.
The new Xbox experience dashboard adds more to entertainment portfolio of Xbox.
For more info on the new dashboard, visit:

In the past month, I have been searching all over the internet to buy a decent Xbox 360 which will fulfill all my needs and also give me the ultimate next generation gaming experience. Here is my summarized buying guide that will help all the noobs out there in buying this mega machine.

First of all, you have to get familiar with the different terminologies used Xbox. Some of these are packages, regions, power brick unit, mod, Lot No, motherboard aka mobo, RROD, HDMI etc.
First, let’s start with the different packages:

Xbox 360 –Arcade Version
Xbox 360 –Premium Version aka GO PRO version (20GB & 60GB versions)
Xbox 360 –Elite Version

There are total three regions for the Xbox console. Gaming industry release titles based for specific regions or free region. These regions are

NTSC-U: American Standard. If you are going to buy it from USA, then probably it is NTSC-U
NTSC-J: Japanese Standard. In Japan, consoles have this region
PAL: English Standard. Consoles in UK have this standard. Mostly in Middle East as well
Region Free: Games having this code can be run on any 360 console.

For more information on games belonging to different versions, take a look at the following link to find one:

Every year, Microsoft redesigns the Xbox 360 inner platform architecture. These usually involve changing the die size of the processor and the GPU unit to a smaller scale in order to control temperature and hardware failure. These architectures come with a code name. These names are as:

Xenon: 90nm CPU and 90nm GPU and no HDMI
Zephyr: 90nm CPU and 90nm GPU (most prone to RROD) with HDMI
Falcon: 65nm CPU and 90nm GPU (30% less prone than zephyr) with HDMI
Opus: 65nm CPU and 90nm GPU (no HDMI, only included in Repaired Xbox system cases)
Jasper: 65nm CPU and 65nm GPU (Completely overcoming RROD. [Citation required])

Power Bricks:
Power Bricks are the units that come with Xbox 360 console in order to supply proper voltage to the console. Notice: Make sure that purchased console from abroad country uses the same voltage level as your country of residence.

Xenon/Zephyr: 203W-16.5 A
Falcon/Opus: 175W-14.2A
Jasper: 150W- 12.1A

Some more info regarding different motherboards I/O:

Lot #:
One of most important aspect before buying an Xbox 360 is to view the Lot # which is mentioned on a white sticker on the back side of box.

My opinion is to get yourself a Falcon mobo and the way you can get it is:
Lot#: > 0734 and < 0821

Falcon was released in 2007 fall. So you can find the lot # combination with Sep07 onwards. These falcons are equipped with Benq drive that is quite easy to get modded.

For more information on the lot # and the drive, visit the b/m link to find out the possible combination:

DVD Drives:
Interpreting which DVD Drive Xbox console has is one of the tricky challenges. Xbox 360 comes with different drives which are as:

Hitachi GDR-3120L Xbox 360 DVD Drive: 46DH, 47DG, 47DJ, 59DJ, 78FK and 79FK

Samsung Xbox 360 Drive: Ms25 and Ms28

BENQ VAD6038 Xbox 360 DVD Drive

Philips VAD6037

LiteOn (Un hack able, the only way is to use a method termed as spoofing)

In order to detect which drive you have, please see the below picture

This comes at the end of the conclusion, I will be editing this article as much as I can, feel free to drop any comments, suggestions and even corrections 

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