Thursday, April 10, 2008

A welcome message

Hi all,

I created this web blog in order to help all those who get stuck often when dealing with computer and hand held devices.So, it means you can post your query relating to operating system issues, smart devices and other portable systems.I will try my best to resolve your queries or redirect to you some forum or a person.More-over any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated pertaining to the fact it remains in the domain of the discussion.

Mentioned below are the categories for which i will be mostly dealing with.I will edit this limit as time passes and i get expertise in some other devices..
Operating Systems:
Windows XP- most experienced
Windows Vista
SUSE SLED 10.0 - Novice

Smart Devices:
Nokia N-series Symbian S60 V3 - Intermediate

Handheld devices:
Playstation Portable - eXpert
Ipod Nano - Intermediate

Computer Hardware:
You get my suggestions if you are having difficulty in choosing a computer with a limited budget.
I can tell you the Pros and Cons, all the tweaks and power you can get from the hardware/

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